Our Services

When the need to meet your timeline is critical, we are here to close the gap.


In the case where your company needs to deliver a prototype as fast as possible, we are on call 24/7 365 available...

Shipping Industries

We deliver high end shipping equipment to shipping and oil industries all over the world on the next available flight...

Hi-Tech Industry

Here we handle your Hi-Tech components with special care and fly them with us as soon as possible to the destination needed.

AOG (Aircraft on Ground)

Having an aircraft on the ground means a lot and we are available 24/7 365 to pickup and deliver with the fastest means possible throughout the world...


Do you have a very urgent document and cannot deal with the international shipping? Our most experience OBC's can help you achieve timeline anywhere...

Automotive Parts

At the moment when time means everything for you, we are here to close the gap between you and that distance which is a Time Critical Solution from our team.